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"The first thing that comes to my mind about life in a University Hostel is not only long gossip sessions but the fact that hostel is a home away from home. It is a space where you get inspired and inspire others."

Admission - Schedule

The admission to ISH will be done in three 3 phases:
Phase I : July 20th- 14th. August
Phase II : 15th- 30th. September
Phase III : December-January (if required)

About ISH

The International Students’ House is a Men’s Hostel for full time postgraduate students of the University of Delhi. A few full time foreign undergraduate students may also be considered for admission to the House. The International Students House was set up in 1964 by Indian Council for Cultural Relations at the University of Delhi to provide accommodation facilities to foreign and Indian students. The objective was to contribute to the growing role of India in promoting international understanding. It was taken over by the University of Delhi in 1968. Over the years, International Students’ House has proved to be a valuable experiment in international understanding and cosmopolitan living. Students coming from over 30 countries live here presenting a happy blend of many cultures. While furthering its basic aim of promoting an atmosphere for academic excellence, the International Students’ House provides an ambience for nurturing creative talents to grow. It seeks to create a healthy environment through cultural and sports activities. Every resident is encouraged to take advantage of these facilities and contribute to the corporate life of the House. The House is consciously engaged in the task of building an environment of mutual understanding, warm friendship and appreciation among the residents.







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